May 4, 2022 12:00 am

The gates open and you see YOUR Horse!
The horses come rushing down the track and t
he announcer calls it’s neck in neck and ….
YOUR horse is coming to the Finish line….
And YOUR horse WINS it!!!!

Watch 2018-2019 Syndicate Horse Eye Am The Eagle finish the season with a Win!

Two Year – Two Horses – $2500 
20 First Time Owners just like YOU!

For many people, owning a race horse is not a realistic dream. That is why Syndicates (group ownership programs) are there to open the door to Quarter Horse ownership.
Unlike individual ownership, syndicates offer the ability to see the wrold of owning a Quarter horse without the risk that an individual ownership would.
You get the full benefit of being a Quarter Horse owner at a small percentage of the cost.
Benefits of the syndicate structure include being guided through the experience of owning a horse, having experts in the industry there to advise, other share holders that have the same passion and excitement for Quarter horse racing.
As a syndicate, the horse will have a trainer, veterinarian and groom established and sometimes the horse as well. As a syndicate the experience is all there, from how to choose a horse to race, up keep, feeding, grooming, training and care. And all the while the syndicate group has advisors as part of the team to enable effective decisions to be made.
Additional benefits of joining a syndicate as a new owner are the social opportunities and connections. A syndicate allows you to be introduced to experts in the industry and have fun and connect with other people who are first time owners like you!

If you missed out on the fun last year you can purchase a share for 2020. 

Contact Monique at [email protected] or by phone 905-426-7050
Check out Eye am the Eagle auction catalogue listing and you will see why we are very excited.

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