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Are you a Member? Receive 1,000 Free Points* when you sign up for Ajax Downs Player Rewards

*New members only. Proof of ID Required

rewardschartAbout Player’s Rewards: How it Works:

When you sign up for Ajax Downs Player’s Rewards, you’ll receive your personalized Player’s Rewards Club card. *

This card will be encoded with your personal account number. You may access your account online anytime to keep track of the points you’ve earned.

*Pick up your card from the Simulcast Area at Ajax Downs


Earning points is as simple as making a wager, just insert your membership card in the self-serve or mutual teller window prior to making a wager…and you’re on your way to rewards.

Accounts are updated at the end of each day. You’ll be credited with one point for every dollar wagered. * For example – if your account balance is between 1,500 and 2.000 points, you’ll receive a $15 betting voucher.

*1 ½ points for Simulcast Quarter Horse Racing and triple points are awarded for Live Ajax Downs Quarter Horse Racing.

Earn Triple Points When You Bet on Ajax Downs Live Racing

Earn a Gold VIP Player’s Reward card. Make every wager count – the higher with level achieved, the greater the rewards.

On the first business day of each month, members will receive a redemption voucher for the total monies wagered the previous month. Just stop by the customer service counter and have this redemption voucher converted into a betting voucher and you’ll be able to start earning points again.


  1. Membership is limited to one person per card. Membership and points will be forfeited if members are found sharing or wrongfully earning points by deception.
  2. Employees and families of Ajax Downs are not eligible to participate in the program.
  3. Photo ID and / or Driver’s License is required for point redemption.
  4. Membership card must be presented to a mutual teller or inserted into a self-serve terminal prior to placing wagers. Unacknowledged wagers will not earn points. When using self-serve terminals, it is the members responsibility to ensure the card is accepted.
  5. Ajax Downs reserves the right not to honour Players Awards certificated and / or promotional offers if it’s determined they are reproductions or have been altered or changed in any way or have been transferred to another person.
  6. Ajax Downs will not be held responsible for lost or stolen cards, certificates or promotional offers. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to Ajax Downs immediately. Ajax Downs is not responsible for points lost on stolen cards.
  7. Ajax Downs reserves the right to adjust any point balance resulting from malfunction, operator error or any reason it deems valid. Negative pool wagers or wagers deemed to manipulated odds will not be rewarded and points awarded will be revoked. All disputes and decisions by management are final binding.
  8. Accounts are updated at the end of each day. Total daily points are credited to accounts the day after the wagers are made. All points must be redeemed at the end of each month for a betting voucher only, points have no cash value.
  9. By filling out the Ajax Downs Application, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Ajax Downs. Use of your personal information is governed by our privacy policy.
  10. Ajax Downs reserves the right to deactivate an account if a member does not make at least one wager every six months.
  11. Use of an account or card constitutes the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the program as they may be amended from time to time.